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Our team spends all day doing just one thing. Finding YOU the best sweepstakes, freebies and samples. We use a combination of high-tech proprietary algorithms and years of experience to deliver the goods.


We look for high value, high reputation sweepstakes. When you enter a sweepstakes on our site, we can’t guarantee that you will win, but we can guarantee that somebody will.


Don’t blink or you’ll miss them. We update our freebies every single day and for good reason, the best ones don’t last long. Our aim is that there will always be something useful just for you.

Free Samples

Companies want your opinion, and they want your business. Free samples are yours for the taking. But as with freebies, they won’t hang around. Visit every day to get the latest goodies!

How Freebies Ninja Works

Take a look behind the scenes to see how we deliver you the best freebies, free samples and sweepstakes. It’s very straightforward.

The Team Goes Hunting

Armed with our algorithmic search technology, the team scans the internet constantly looking for a sweepstakes, freebie or free sample to appear and when it does, they leap into action.

The Team Carries Out An Audit

Not every sweepstakes or freebie is good enough for our audience. We need to be certain that prizes will be awarded and delivered. That freebies are sent out rather than used for data collection. 

The Best Of The Best Are Chosen

There are hundreds of eligible sweepstakes and free things to choose from everyday but only the best is good enough for our audience. We carry out an internal vote to select the cream of the crop.

They’re All Yours For The Taking

We publish new sweepstakes, freebies and free samples throughout each day of the week. Every day there’s something new and exciting going on. Get in first and claim what’s rightfully yours!

Everyone Loves The Ninja!

“There’s nothing more frustrating than sending off for a freebie and it never arrives. This is so common online, but it never happens with Freebies Ninja! I always get what I order!”

Best Freebies Ever!
Steph Cassidy

“I had a question about a certain sweepstakes, and I know, Freebies Ninja isn’t in charge of each draw, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask and they were so helpful! Thanks Freebies Ninja!”

Great Support
Davina Klein

“I won! I couldn’t believe it! I enter a draw every single day on Freebies Ninja and have done so for 2 months since discovering it. Last week, I won my first prize! A laptop computer! Amazing!”

Satisfied And Successful 
Amy Chase

“Sometimes, you think you’re going to get scammed when doing online sweepstakes, but Freebies Ninja’s quality assessment gives me the confidence to take part and to win!”

A Confident Player
Jonathon Powers

“I am terrible at remembering to check sweepstakes websites and that’s why I love Freebies Ninja! I signed up for their newsletter and every day, without fail, I get a reminder of all the latest stuff!”

Forgetful But Thankful
Tina Osborne

“It only takes 5 minutes a day to be a winner! I always thought that other people won things, never me. But in just 5 minutes a day on Freebies Ninja, I quickly won my first prize and I’ve won more since!”

Ecstatic And Enthusiastic Winner
Peter Jamieson

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Get Freebies Ninja in your Inbox

Subscribe today and never miss a sweepstakes or a freebie!