Free Twist + Lick Dog Dental Gel

This is handy for dog owners! Get some free Twist + Lick Dog Dental Gel!

    • 🌱 INNOVATIVE PROLONG TECHNOLOGY: Our ProLong technology is an all-natural and safe bioadhesive that’s clinically proven to improve your dog’s dental health

    • ✅ EASY AND FUN – 100% Brush Free: Just twist to the desired amount and let your dog lick the tasty gel – just like a treat (without the calories!) Your dog’s normal licking motion helps deposit the gel across their mouth – no toothbrush required

    • 🐶 FRESH BREATH + HEALTHY GUMS: Twist + Lick freshens the lasting way by continually killing the smelly bacteria in your pup’s mouth, eliminating bad breath and preventing gum disease

    • 💪 REMOVES PLAQUE: Twist + Lick Dental works constantly to soften plaque and tartar build-up; within weeks the plaque will simply fall off as your dog chews on food and toys

How to Claim: Click request sample now, below, and then answer the questions on the linked page & if you’re chosen they will contact you via email for your shipping details.

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