Hawaii House Sweepstakes

Enter Billabong’s Hawaii House Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii valued at $4,000. Prize package consist of airfare and accommodations. { US Only, No RI, 18+, Single Entry, Ends January 10, 2018 }

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  • In sore need of a vacation!

  • A grad student/teacher assistant who is in dire need of a vacation.

  • We would love to win this. We really need to go somewhere warm!

  • We could really use a couples vacation as we both work really hard and havent had one. With three kids it makes it hard to afford to get away.

  • I would absolutely love to won this trip!!😊 I would love to get married to my wonderful fiance while on this trip if I won of course!!

  • Pick me, would love to visit Hawaii before I die.

  • Please send ME ALL FREE SAMPLES!!!!! T-shirts, feminine products, makeup, coupon codes, free GIFTCARDS……!

  • Love to win a trip to Hawaii. Need a vacation.alway won’t to go.maybe I could win. It would be a dream come true.

  • Anxious to visit Hawaii again… had a very short layover there in transport to Japan for duty on an LST during my Navy duty days…

  • Love to go

  • I would like for this trip for myself and a sister to go on. Neither one of us would ever be able to go on a trip like this so if I win I want to take her with me. We are both in our sixties. And this is something that we will never forget.

  • It would really be a dream come true, to win this trip. We would be able to have the honeymoon that we never got to have, and that would be awesome. We have been married for over 25 years now and have not had the money to afford a honeymoon.
    It would be nice
    Linda Reine

  • I have never been outside of the United States & have not had a vacation in over 25 years. I would love to take my twin sister and her husband with me for the vacation opportunity of a lifetime. I have not seen her in over 3 years with her living in Mission Viejo, California and with me living in Murfreesboro, TN.. I am praying for an availed opportunity to see her again & my lifetime dream was to go to Hawaii to vacation in the most beautiful, scenic location in the world.

  • Haven’t been on a vacation for years due to being a single parent raising two children from ages 1 and age 3, working 4 jobs and then I work 40 yrs. and have to retire early because my mom became victim of breast cancer. I took care of her until she died and then took care of my dad who had cancer and Alzheimer’s. I could never afford a vacation like this. This vacation would be an awesome dream fulfilled. Hawaii was always my goal to take my parents before they died, but that want be fulfilled. I will instead take my twin sister and her husband with me. They are overdo for a ultimate vacation like this one. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • Blue skies, crystal blue waters, salty clean air and soft sand between the toes will make a girl go Woo! Wooooooo!!!!