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  1. Wesley Donovan Swearingen

    My favorite color, I love red, if I had to pick one color it would be red, I have been living on disability for almost 5 years now and can’t really afford one of these cars but if I could it would be a red one. Before I got sick I had a BMW 325 I with a 6 speed manual shift automatic with a 2 speed differential. It was my dream car, but I got laid off from work and had to deal with my car getting taken back by the dealer. It was a very sad day to say the least. But I will come back and get a new car some day if I keep believing. I do believe and trust in my faith. Thank you for listening to me and I hope the winner will appreciate the car as much as I would. Wesley Swearingen.

  2. I need a good car not because flashy or pretty. But one that will get me for point a to b .Not having transportation is a real challenge. Thank you for the opportunity .

  3. Trinity Cisneros

    Omg please I want this car mustangs are my number #1 cars , and I really need a car , in 18 years old having to walk to work everyday , and it’s 3 mile walk walking from work to home and back almost everyday in any weather , I’m starting college which is hard because I’m barely making in with my job and I really would like a car and RED is my favorite colorrrrrr ❤️

  4. My truck got hit by another truck, I got it fixed and had it painted a Great blue with metal flake in it, One of a kind! A few weeks later it was stolen and found a few days later, and the first thing the thief’s did was SPRAY PAINT MY TRUCK WITH RATTLE CAN BLACK SPRAYPAINT! My heart sank. It’s been 3 years, still not painted and the plugs keep going out. It looks horrendous. Why paint it when the motor is on it’s way out. I love my truck but would LOVE to drive a good looking car! RED is a GREAT color!!

  5. Hi I want win the car i don’t have 💰 i need car to go to my appointment I, I’m disabled person i survived from cancer tree time two time skin cancer and lukimia and I lost my teeth we my quimio I only have one year to get my implant because I can’t use nothing because my bones is delicate I have Lupus to i need help with buy car or win money to get pay for my implant cost 55,000.00 I only have SSI money i don’t have not body to help me please if you can help me thanks you all

  6. 💘 MY. GOD. 872.226.4370. 💘 to whom it may concern I am hoping and praying that I can be contacted either by phone or through the mail if I happened to be the winner of that beautiful Ford Mustang the first car that my father ever taught me to drive in he passed away now but it’ll be a dream come through wow I could be the one up that beautiful car if I am so blessed I’m hoping to be contacted by mail or the phone because I do not I repeat I do not go on any other site I do not deal with Facebook tweets or any of those other sites so if I’m blessed wind on the way I can be contacted is through the mail or by phone my mailing address is 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana ZIP code 46312 thank you so much

  7. My first car was a green Ford Mustang it was a 1974. I have always loved the mustang better than camero and the vett. They are far more beautiful than any car I have ever seen. I would love to win this car and it doesn’t matter what color

  8. To win this Mustang for my son, who completed the Naval Academy last year. He made a huge decision to join our country’s Armed Forces in order to protect his rights! As a mother, you can only wish for you children to grow up and accomplish their dreams….. I love you to the moon and back Gregory!!!

  9. I’ve always owned a classic mustang in my youth but as a senior my budget would never allow it again. What an awesome treat a new red one would be for this old gal!

  10. I am still in this and I will stay in this contest until I get that call saying I am the winner organ notified through the mail because I’m hoping and praying that that would be so cuz like I keep saying I do not affiliate myself with Facebook tweet or any of those other sites so that’s the way I’m hoping that can be contacted my mailing address is 3824 Catalpa Street East Chicago Indiana ZIP code 46312 my phone number is area code 872-226-4370 I’m hoping and praying God bless the win this is the way I can be contacted thank you so much

  11. I cross my fingers and my toes
    To have a new car would easy my woes
    While I like my ride that I got
    Driving this prize would be so hot
    My car gets older by the day
    I enter this and I will pray
    Contest God’s be nice to me
    I will be eternally grateful wait and see.

  12. Juanita V. Leyva

    I need a car, I have so many doctors appointments and I have to be asking for a ride or call a cab ! If I was to win, would like it in a Metallic Silver or Grey .

  13. 912.850.1160. I’ve been on disability for six years now and have never owned by own car. If I was win a Ford Mustang it would be lavender. Just because I love the color purple.
    I would appreciate this car so that I wouldn’t have depend on others to and from places. I am 46. And I have a lot of doctor appointments out of town. SJ

  14. I would really love to win this car. I am currently driving a 2005 vehicle with over 1700000 miles on it.

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